1m Flathead

With a afternoon free I decided to sneak out for a quick flatty fish and scored this absolute cracker of a lizard. This is my 2nd fish now over 1m and it just goes to show how good a fishery Port Stephens is for big dusky flathead. 

Port Stephens turning it on

Adam , Neil and Locklin nailed some nice mulloway a kingie and a few flattys on there charter  

Ripper day on the lizards.

First time lure fisherman were quickly converted to soft plastics on flattys with everyone getting into the action.

Great day on the lizards

Great to see so many quality flattys around so early in the season

Spring flatties firing up

Battled some weather with Daniel but scored a bunch of flattys including this 80cm model.

Joe does it again.

Young Champ Joey and his Dad Darren scored some nice Bream,Luderick and Tailor on there most recent charter. 

Steph and Brad with some quality flattys and Bream

More winter Jewies

Winter Jewies

Regular clients Phyl Kim and Neil with some quality winter Bream and Mulloway

Fun day on the water

Great day with 12 year old Lilly who caught a stack of fish from quality bream and flathead to leather jacket tailor Jewfish and even a gummy shark