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Fish Port Stephens Estuary Charters

Fish Port Stephens Estuary Charters Is Port Stephens only dedicated Estuary fishing Charter boat. It is owned and operated by Paul Lennon who has spent life time fishing these waters and unlocking there secrets.

Port Stephens

Port Stephens is one of the largest and most beautiful estuary systems in NSW. The stunning back drops and incredibly rich bird and marine life make it a very special place to fish. The main basin of the estuary provides an oceanic esturine environment of shallow weed-beds, sand bars mud flats, rock-walls,oyster racks, wrecks as well as deep holes and troughs with some plummeting to over 40m in depth. The three major tributary's of Port Stephens are the Myall, Karuah and Tilligery rivers. All three of these are serious bodies of water especially the Myall with a estimated length listed as 91km! These tributary systems have lots of fish attracting attributes like rock-bars,oyster racks, bridges and marshy mangrove lined shoreline scattered with countless feeder creeks. They also provide a good place to get out of the wind when the bay is chopped up.

The Fishing

The fishing in Port Stephens is a ever changing with just about every month seeing different species show up just as another species slows down. Depending on time of year we could be Targeting Bream,Flathead,Whiting,Luderick,Mulloway,Kingfish,Tailor,Salmon and even Long Tail Tuna as well as throwing a trap or two in for a blue swimmer or mud crab!

Looking forward to having you onboard!

What our clients say

Had a great trip with Paul. On holiday with our two young boys who loved it. Very friendly and adaptable to what we needed at short notice. Thanks.


Paul is amazing. We have now been out with him 4 times. He is a great guy and always finds the action. Can’t recommend highly enough.


Paul was awesome, we did the half day charter and Pail put us on to some great flathead. We will be re booking next time to also get the run in tide and the tide change to find some jewfish and other species but with Paul’s vast knowledge he knows exactly what fish are on at any part of the tide. Highly recommend and we will be going again and we can’t wait! Thanks for hooking dad on to his PB flathead (63 cm) then straight after it smashing that with a 75cm monster! Cheers Paul!


I lived and fished Port Stephens for 2 years and caught more fish in one day out with Paul then I did the entire 2 years I was living there! Need to move back I think! .

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Mark Stewart Mark Stewart

Paul guided me to my pb jewie, Stoked would be a understatement!

Colin King Colin King